Physio for Headaches 

Headaches are the most common pain disorder in the world, affecting 66% of the world’s population. Do you or anyone you know suffer from headaches? 

There are a number of types of headaches with numerous causes. Physiotherapy can help with a specific subgroup of headaches. 

Cervical or Cervicogenic headaches, in basic terms, relate to headaches that are caused as a result of problems within the neck (muscles, joints, ligaments etc)

Cervical Headaches can be felt at the back, side or front of the head. Symptoms can also be felt in the facial area especially around the eye or temple. It is normally a dull, aching pain however it can throb and may be of a severe intensity but is normally not excruciating.


Other symptoms such as nausea, blurred vision, tearing of the eye, dizziness and light-headedness may also present. 


The most important part of treating any headache is the initial assessment. It is vitalthat a thorough assessment is performed to ensure the headache is coming from the suspected structures and to exclude any ‘warning signs’ of headaches origination from more serious causes. If any of these signs and symptoms are picked up or if your physiotherapist feels your headaches do not fit into a musculoskeletal ‘box’ we will refer you on to the necessary medical professional. 


An important thing to remember is that one person may have a few types of headaches. A migraine sufferer can also have cervical headaches. Or someone with cervical headaches may also be clenching their teeth and have a referred headache from the jaw muscles. This is why a detailed assessment is so important.


Physiotherapy treatment for Cervical Headaches has shown to be highly beneficial. Treatment should be personalized for every individual patient as no two headaches are the same. Your physiotherapy treatment will include manual therapy as well as long term management strategies (posture, work station set-up, pillow assessment etc). 


If you think you are suffering from cervical headaches or have any queries about them please contact us for more information or an assessment.